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Microsoft Mesh is the platform that Microsoft is creating for a virtual office in augmented reality

  Microsoft Mesh, the next great service from Microsoft. Using increased reality and high-speed Internet connections, they imagine  an improved reality platform where virtual meetings stop being only on screens  and jump into the 3D world to have virtual human and objects in the environment in which we find ourselves. This is one of the latest innovations introduced by  Microsoft in the field of augmented reality  and is rather an idea of ​​ what they hope to create in the near future. Microsoft shows a multitude of examples where Microsoft Mesh is useful in a first demonstration video. Please use this link to watch Introducing Microsoft Mesh . For example, in the video, we can see how it  can be especially useful for work team meetings .  In these situations, it is typically around a table with a virtual product such as a model of a building or the flight path of an airport. Microsoft also proposes its  use for academic learning,  for example, with a teacher or tutor sitting ne