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Google Meet will be limited to 60 minutes

Google is in April of this year  temporarily "opened" the Meet Tools tool to make it free for everyone and without restrictions . However,  that period ends on September 30 , since when did Google Meet in free mode?  limit the duration of meetings to 60 minutes . Over the next few days, anyone with a Google account can create a free online meeting with up to 100 people, without limits.  . Additionally, advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education users enable meetings of up to 250 users, live streaming of up to 100,000 people, and the ability to record appointments on Google Drive. These features are typically only available to G Suite customers at the “business” level and cost $ 25 per month per user. Weight loss programs. You can change your life These concessions were made by Google due to the meteoric success of the Zoom video conferencing platform . After all, how current it was is also shown by the fact that Meet, after opening a

Android 11 is now official

After months of  developer preview  released and beta versions,  Android 11 is finally official . Google has released the latest version of its mobile operating system packed with new features. And also, only some  smartphones  will be able to update from day one, this time it is not limited only to the brand's Pixels. Android 11 has begun to arrive since September 8, 2020,  to the first devices after Google  officially announced it . It is a firm version that finally comes after polishing characteristics in four  versions of   developer previe w   and three  beta versions . Let's see  what's new and how to install it. The most relevant changes in Android 11   Main features: Notifications improvements:  Notifications that are from conversations in messaging apps now have a dedicated space and can be prioritized or managed directly from this section. Controls in home automation:  From the standard menu you can now control the devices connected by

Microsoft Teams keep updates new features

I had brought a few articles about new Teams features that Microsoft introduced. This time also this article contained further updates that Microsoft released. Video calls will be less boring with Mode Together . One of the Microsoft applications that has gained the most strength as a result of the current pandemic the situation that we are experiencing, is Teams. The tool of the company based in Redmond to improve teamwork, whether in professional or educational environments and that in recent weeks we have seen how it has been reinforced with new functions and improvements. More possibilities like the ones that now come with the latest updates. New features among which is the so-called dynamic view that facilitates work when sharing files or the possibility of joining all the participants in a video call in a kind of virtual room thanks to " Mode Together ”. Video calls, more dynamic of all the innovations that this update brings, it cannot be denied that the

Google Chrome: How to reduce Memory and CPU consumption

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world by millions of users thanks to its design, versatility and search potential, but like any system made by humans, it is included to errors and one of the most notable by the user is the error associated with excessive CPU consumption. This slows down normal operating system operations, application crashes, computer restarts, and more. Although there is no exact reason on the part of Google as to why this happens, I will bring you some practical advice for its correction. Due to this bad management of the browser, our system is negatively affected by that incessant consumption of resources that ends up collapsing our usual use. If we have several tabs or windows open, consumption will be significantly increased and what to say if we also have many extensions installed. Do not allow Google Chrome and its applications to run in the background Google Chrome allows staying loaded in memory even when we close the brow