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New Windows 365. The operating system to the cloud

After a pandemic, many of us have adopted new habits. Mobility at work has been a constant and Microsoft wants to meet this need. Now more than ever,  you need to work from anywhere and from any device , t hese are the essential requirements to be successful in teleworking. Windows 365 On August 2, Windows 365 will be available for companies. This new operating system will be multi-device, which means that it can be run with an Android mobile, iPhone, PC computer or an Apple Mac. In short, on any device that has a web browser. Windows 365 is based on the principles of Zero Trust in order to avoid potential risks. To do this, it stores the information and apps in the cloud, not on the device. It will also use Azure Virtual Desktop technology and will incorporate analysis of the network connection status and the Watchdog service that will carry out a continuous diagnosis to achieve proper operation and thus avoid failures and possible performance problems. At the moment Windows

Windows 10 uses AI in new system for updates

One of the complaints of  Windows 10  users is that many times when they are working and an update occurs that restarts the computer, interrupting what they are doing. Microsoft previously took some measures to control this problem but still, users keep complaining that updates in some cases keep restarting the operating system when they are using the device. Now to try to fix this that is still a problem for many, when the user has a pending update Microsoft changed the logic it used to reboot through a new system that is better adapted and proactive. Microsoft says that it uses artificial intelligence to carry out this task and for this, it trained a predictive model that can with enough certainty predict when is the best time to restart the device. This system not only checks if the user is using the device before rebooting, the new system also predicts if the user stopped using the device temporarily and will return shortly. Microsoft used this model in internal devices wit

Microsoft Mesh is the platform that Microsoft is creating for a virtual office in augmented reality

  Microsoft Mesh, the next great service from Microsoft. Using increased reality and high-speed Internet connections, they imagine  an improved reality platform where virtual meetings stop being only on screens  and jump into the 3D world to have virtual human and objects in the environment in which we find ourselves. This is one of the latest innovations introduced by  Microsoft in the field of augmented reality  and is rather an idea of ​​ what they hope to create in the near future. Microsoft shows a multitude of examples where Microsoft Mesh is useful in a first demonstration video. Please use this link to watch Introducing Microsoft Mesh . For example, in the video, we can see how it  can be especially useful for work team meetings .  In these situations, it is typically around a table with a virtual product such as a model of a building or the flight path of an airport. Microsoft also proposes its  use for academic learning,  for example, with a teacher or tutor sitting ne

WhatsApp Account stealing. If someone asks you for a six-digit code that you have just received on WhatsApp, DO NOT GIVE IT:

The last person you distrust is your mother. If she sends you a message requesting a code because the poor thing has been involved and you give it to her. The next moment, you can no longer use your WhatsApp account. Your mother was not your mother,  but a cracker who has impersonated her from her phone number . For a few months, we have seen a new form of identity theft arrive:  writing to you from the number of your own acquaintances and relatives so that you do not suspect . It is a chain attack to take over your WhatsApp account and continue the attack by writing to your contacts, and so on. It is a very effective method because once someone is impersonated it is much easier to follow the chain and get hold of their contact accounts. We have contracted several people who have been contacted by these attackers. "I sent you a 6-digit code by mistake. Can you pass it on to me?" First of all, what is this code they ask of you? In order to protect your account, WhatsApp se

SAP and Microsoft want the collaboration application to drive the jump to the cloud

Microsoft and SAP have announced a new step in the strategic alliance they signed a couple of years ago:  Microsoft Teams will be integrated into all SAP solutions . However, this agreement is rather symbolic, since true the objective of this agreement is to reinforce the cloud services that both companies offer from the others on their respective platforms. Microsoft and SAP signed an agreement in 2019 that was focused on accelerating the development of SAP S4 / Hana on the Microsoft Azure platform. The announcement made now implies that Teams will become integrated into the entire SAP application suite, including ERP S4 / Hana, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Customer Experience, by the middle of this year. According to those involved, this agreement is a way to mitigate the impact of teleworking and remote work that has been imposed after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The CEO of SAP, Christian Klein, defends that by integrating Microsoft Team into SAP applications "we are