New Windows 365. The operating system to the cloud

After a pandemic, many of us have adopted new habits. Mobility at work has been a constant and Microsoft wants to meet this need.

Now more than ever, you need to work from anywhere and from any device, these are the essential requirements to be successful in teleworking.

Office 365
Windows 365

On August 2, Windows 365 will be available for companies. This new operating system will be multi-device, which means that it can be run with an Android mobile, iPhone, PC computer or an Apple Mac. In short, on any device that has a web browser.

Windows 365 is based on the principles of Zero Trust in order to avoid potential risks. To do this, it stores the information and apps in the cloud, not on the device.

It will also use Azure Virtual Desktop technology and will incorporate analysis of the network connection status and the Watchdog service that will carry out a continuous diagnosis to achieve proper operation and thus avoid failures and possible performance problems.

At the moment Windows 365 is available with Windows 10 in the background. It is expected that as soon as Windows 11 available for the public, the servers will be updated and users will be able to contract Windows 365 with Windows 11.

Prices according to the processor, RAM and storage

Windows 365 is finally available, Microsoft has announced what plans are available to get it. All of them can be found on the official page, where the packages for business and enterprise-level are detailed. These are the ones available right now (in US dollars at the moment):

Available Plans

Is it worth more than buying your own computer with powerful hardware? As with cloud consoles, it depends on the needs of each user. The benefit of this is that we use it and stop using it whenever we want, in addition to being available always and anywhere. The own computer, on the other hand, can be cheaper in the long run, although we depend on taking it with us anywhere and on a higher level investment.


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