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Facebook follows Zoom. FB rolls out new tool for Video calls

Messenger Rooms will enable you to join group video calls for users who don’t have a Facebook account. Zoom become a major platform for video conferences in this pandemic situation. Now Facebook introducing a new feature that allows you to initiate a video chat with multiple people through Messenger even If you don’t have a Facebook account. This feature makes Facebook enable a competitive move with top rank video conferencing app Zoom. Video calling becomes a highly required feature with this pandemic. Many of us are staying at home and working from home. Video conference is a major requirement to join the work-related meeting. And also, many of catching up families and friends over the video stream. Sometimes we do catch up with a few numbers of friends to keep touch each other at this outbreak. I know we do a virtual drinking session too. Video conferencing platforms help us to keep the bridge between friends and families. New Tools calls as Messenger Rooms and it enab

US ban TikTok.... Can you make money on TikTok?

TikTok is a social networking service that provides facilities to share the videos. TikTok is becoming very popular among other social media platforms. Many users are login to TikTok daily. The numbers are not as big as YouTube or Facebook. TikTok app has been downloaded more than 1.6 billion times from online app stores. This number seems incredible in a short period of introduced TikTok. Who Own the TikTok TikTok owned by a chines-based company called BayteDance. The parent company located in Beijing China. Some experts in cybersecurity and governments have concerns around TikTok. China has implemented a very extensive infrastructure that enables tracking and monitoring its people and data. Some are querying, this App is been used to gather data of the users around the world and direct them to China. Questions are who has access to these data and how they are going to use it? Other most social media are based in the United States. Americans get free speech o

Microsoft introduce background image in MS Teams

How to set a background image in Microsoft Teams. Finally, Microsoft introduced to set up a background image in MS Teams at video Meetings. It used to have blurred the background of the participant in video calls in Teams. Now it provides the ability to change the background images of yours when you connecting to the meetings or while you are at the meetings. If you are looking for a litter extra privacy such as hide where you are or hide the mess around you when you are connecting web conference using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft enables the option to set up your background. You can either blur your background or you can bring an image into your background to cover your privacy around you.   This new option changes the view behind you to effect it looks like your sitting at a different place. How to set up background Image…. Before Join the call The easiest way to set a background image on MS teams is via the join a call page, we all known as lobby or waiting

Gmail accounts hit by phishing attacks

Here is how to stay protected Google has revealed that there are millions of phishing emails receiving from cyber attackers at this outbreak period. Adding more it is seeing 18 million malware and phishing emails have been generated relating to Covid-19 every day. Additionally, there are 240 million coronavirus-related daily spam messages. Most of the time these attacks target people who are working from home. Many of the phishing emails try to manipulate those emails are coming out from WHO, governments or health organizations.   Attacks trying to make sense of urgency in order to trick users to respond to emails.   Google says that it is using machine learning models to identify and filter these threats. Therefore all threats end up not reach into end-users mailboxes. Google has already blocked more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, and malware from targeting its users and keep working to protect its clients. Google places protective monitoring to monitor Coronavir

Microsoft adds its Meet Now feature in Skype

Zoom is playing one of the major roles at this pandemic period as a video call platform. Demanding for Zoom is hitting higher more and more than before. Microsoft Skype is competing with Zoom to get high demand for video calling. Microsoft rolled out the Meet Now feature into Skype in December 2019. Meet Now makes easier to set up video calling. Microsoft is very busy now prompting its feature. Skype has used Twitter to promote the latest added feature that allows users to connect important people or love ones in simple and hassle-free way. Microsoft’s Skype has been reached to a spike in usage as the Coronavirus outback had forced people to stay at homes. Advantage of using skype than zoom no account require to set up to user Meet now. Even there is no require downloading the client.   Users are able to create a link with a click and send it to invitees via email. The participant can join the video call using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Microsoft skype boasts its u