US ban TikTok.... Can you make money on TikTok?


TikTok is a social networking service that provides facilities to share the videos.

TikTok is becoming very popular among other social media platforms. Many users are login to TikTok daily. The numbers are not as big as YouTube or Facebook. TikTok app has been downloaded more than 1.6 billion times from online app stores. This number seems incredible in a short period of introduced TikTok.

Who Own the TikTok

TikTok owned by a chines-based company called BayteDance. The parent company located in Beijing China. Some experts in cybersecurity and governments have concerns around TikTok. China has implemented a very extensive infrastructure that enables tracking and monitoring its people and data. Some are querying, this App is been used to gather data of the users around the world and direct them to China. Questions are who has access to these data and how they are going to use it?

Other most social media are based in the United States. Americans get free speech opportunity as it’s not controlling by the Government. Therefore, Americans can make any statements or can say whatever they want to say. But it is not the situation in China. China much more closely monitors its internet, especially anyone identified as critical of its Chinese government.

TikTok is getting more popular and seems more follows increasing day by day.
But when compared with social media apps and platforms TikTok still has some way to go. It measures around 800 million people log into TikTok each Month. Compare with YouTube and Facebook this number is still low. There are two billion people logging on every month and there about two and a half billion browse on Facebook every month. Snapchat is getting only 360 million mother users. It’s certainly doing a lot better than Snapchat. This figured shows that absolute TikTok is growing very rapidly.

Can you make money from TikTok?

At the moment there is no option to make money by uploading the content into TikTok. But TikTok announced in February they will introduce Creator Marketplace. The platform allows users to connect with advertisers. Until it will become reality, currently a lot of users push their TikTok follows on to other social media platform where can make money.

US ban TikTok for its federal workers

ban TikTok

U.S. made and accouchement that its federal employees are not allowed to user TicTok on their government-issued devices. The US strongly thinking this app collecting data and send back to China. They consider this as a major security risk. TikTok rapidly growing demand among US teenagers and allows users to create short videos.  

TikTok can be very risky or this can be purely entertainment. But if you see any challenge that not seems correct don’t do it. Think of your privacy and security than before.


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