Gmail accounts hit by phishing attacks

Here is how to stay protected

Google has revealed that there are millions of phishing emails receiving from cyber attackers at this outbreak period. Adding more it is seeing 18 million malware and phishing emails have been generated relating to Covid-19 every day. Additionally, there are 240 million coronavirus-related daily spam messages. Most of the time these attacks target people who are working from home. Many of the phishing emails try to manipulate those emails are coming out from WHO, governments or health organizations.  Attacks trying to make sense of urgency in order to trick users to respond to emails.  

Google says that it is using machine learning models to identify and filter these threats. Therefore all threats end up not reach into end-users mailboxes. Google has already blocked more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, and malware from targeting its users and keep working to protect its clients.

Google places protective monitoring to monitor Coronavirus related malware and scams across its systems and workflows to avoid users being victims of all these threats. As soon as google identified these threats it’s added in to google Safe Browsing API. Safe Browsing API is a tool to protect uses in Chrome, Gmail and all other integrated products. Safe browsing helps to provide safe access over four billion devices every day by indicating warning to the end-users when they browse to unsafe sites or download risky files.

Google advises its users to prevent being a victim to coronavirus email scams, to complete security checkup, to avoid download files from unknown senders, to check integrity of URLs before click them and to consider to enroll in its advanced protection Program.

Especially keep all users in mind Cybersecurity cannot be grunted as 100 percent secure, therefore all users should take extra steps to protect themselves from online threats at this difficult duration.


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