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Microsoft Teams Tenant Dial Plan

Requirements for essential Tenant Dial Plan considerations: The default, country-specific set of dialling rules were not enough to meet user requirements. Such as, Speed dial Internal Extension Dial Retaining user dial patterns when users are migrated from on-premises deployments to online. What is Tenant Dial Plan? Dial plans for Skype for Business Online or Teams tenants. Enable users to dial numbers the way they used to (no need to dial regional or area codes). Each dial plan uses a set of normalization rules, similar to what we used for on-premises deployments. Applies to all Microsoft Phone System deployment options (Microsoft Calling for Office 365, hybrid via CCE and via pool) as well as dial out for Cloud PSTN Conferencing. No change in routing/usages. Only 25 normalization rules per dial plan is a limitation. Dial Plan Types Service dial plans are the default and applied to users based on location, and they can’t be changed Te

How to Set Up a Facebook Shop. Easy Ways to Start Selling

how to sell on Facebook The modern world many businesses are looking for digital transformation to manage their business using all tools and technologies. Facebook introduced a new e-commence tool called Facebook Shop. Facebook plans to bring the best experience for the follows to sell and buy items using the new tool. If you have an online store, or you want to set up an online store, using Facebook is an easy and effective way to lift the sales of your business. Facebook Shops is a page which enables a platform for you can sell your products through to reach a wider customer base. Facebook Shop is a free and simple tool. And it is very mobile-friendly. Using FB shop you can manage your store easily by using your smartphone. Shop let you to choose the category of your items. Facebook is the largest social network in the world, that has more than 1.09 million FB users logging on daily and spending an average of 58.5 minutes on it. why don’t you want to promote your store

PC Error 'No Audio Device'

If find a windows error that is "No Audio Device", it most likely that your sound card is not installed correctly. If you have experienced a Windows "No Audio Device" error, it most likely that your sound card is not installed correctly. There can be other problems too but most probably it would be an incorrect installation of the motherboard. If the audio card not been connected correctly into the motherboard or you don't have an audio controller connected, you will get this error. Also, it is possible that the device you are trying to use is not compatible with the motherboard you are using. Troubleshooting the most common error. Here are a few steps to resolve the most common error and improperly installed card: First, you will need to find your audio controlling controller or device. The controller gives you the ability to adjust the sound. From your start menu, go to your control panel. Then, click to add hardware and search for the hardware by

Zoom acquires Keybase

Zoom announced that Keybase has been acquired by ZOOM, a startup with encryption expertise. So far Purchase price has not been revealed. Keybase one of the main company that building encryption products for several years including secure file sharing and collaboration tools. The main reason that Zoom acquired Keybase to get end-to-end encryption for its video calls. That will increase security credibility for Zoom. Zoom faced a shortage of security credibility at the demands of videos within the pandemic period. The company has faced many of security issues in the last couple of months as demand as climbed and exposed some security weaknesses in the platform. As the company has stepped on to address these issues and decided to have a team of encryption experts on staff who should help the company build a more secure product. Announcement of the deal is in a blog post, CEO Eric Yuan said they acquired Keybase to give customers a higher level of security. Security is   in

Microsoft Teams Meetings Vs Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that can be used to interact with your teams and colleagues who are inside or outside your organization. Teams facilitate communication platform such as chat, audio, and video calls. Also, it’s enabled collaborative platform which can be used for file shares, add contents, whiteboard, and many more… Microsoft Teams provide a platform for team meetings and a large number of group meetings. When you consider meeting types with Teams you will find two types of meetings which are Teams Meetings and Teams Live Events. Teams Meeting Teams Meetings are used for real-time collaboration and conversation between a group of users. Team meeting limited for 250 participants into a call. The participant can initiate webcam videos, create whiteboards, and share their desktops or applications. Organiser can send out Invitation to the meeting to an individual or group of people. With the limitation on numbers, Team meeting is a great