Microsoft Teams Meetings Vs Teams Live Events

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that can be used to interact with your teams and colleagues who are inside or outside your organization. Teams facilitate communication platform such as chat, audio, and video calls. Also, it’s enabled collaborative platform which can be used for file shares, add contents, whiteboard, and many more…

Microsoft Teams provide a platform for team meetings and a large number of group meetings. When you consider meeting types with Teams you will find two types of meetings which are Teams Meetings and Teams Live Events.

Teams Meeting

Teams Meetings are used for real-time collaboration and conversation between a group of users. Team meeting limited for 250 participants into a call. The participant can initiate webcam videos, create whiteboards, and share their desktops or applications. Organiser can send out Invitation to the meeting to an individual or group of people. With the limitation on numbers, Team meeting is a great tool to the user for day to day meeting within teams or peer teams and participants get the opportunity to collaborate with the meeting using its tools.

Teams Live Events

Teams Live events are designed for meetings of presentation style. Most of the attendees get the opportunity to view only. The collaboration facility is available only for very few people such as organizes. Attendees can interact with the meeting only using chat such as text base Q&As. The strong point of the event is up to 10,000 participants can join an event.  The Live Event model allows multiple virtual presenters to share an audio, webcam, and their screens to present the content. There is a limitation that no one can be added during the event. All participants must receive the invite prior to the meeting.

Usually, the meeting takes place in a large room or well-organized venue and allow to use professional video production team. It enables the facility to transmit high-quality video using professional broadcast level tools. Another limitation is, in order to broadcast high-quality video broadcast, all presenters have to be the same room where all professional equipment is placed, or professional video productions team is at.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Vs Teams Live Events


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