PC Error 'No Audio Device'

If find a windows error that is "No Audio Device", it most likely that your sound card is not installed correctly.

Audio Error_1

If you have experienced a Windows "No Audio Device" error, it most likely that your sound card is not installed correctly. There can be other problems too but most probably it would be an incorrect installation of the motherboard. If the audio card not been connected correctly into the motherboard or you don't have an audio controller connected, you will get this error. Also, it is possible that the device you are trying to use is not compatible with the motherboard you are using.
Troubleshooting the most common error.

Here are a few steps to resolve the most common error and improperly installed card:

First, you will need to find your audio controlling controller or device. The controller gives you the ability to adjust the sound. From your start menu, go to your control panel. Then, click to add hardware and search for the hardware by yourself. Don't let it search for it automatically, because if it is installed incorrectly it may not be seen. Then, scroll down to point where the sound devices and search for your audio controller. Check the properties of the device, and verify that if it is installed properly. If it isn't installed properly you will view a yellow highlighted question mark beside the device's name

Audio Error_2
Steps that can be tired:

  • The best way to solve this error is by uninstalling your sound card and drivers. You will reboot the machine, enter the bios, disable the onboard audio, game port, and midi. Then boot back into windows, go to add remove programs and make sure that any programs for the device were removed. Next, the sound card and drivers should be reinstalled. It is possible that the driver updates have not been checked since the sound card was manufactured and released, so it is ideal to visit the manufacturer's site and check whether there are driver updates. Once you update it, restart the computer. The problem is (more than likely) the default device in audio properties is still onboard, you can select the creative devices and it will probably work, but it will be better to disable the onboard all together. More likely fix the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the sound card.
Other troubleshooting tips: If you are still experiencing an error, try these other troubleshooting ideas.

  • If you make the assumption that your sound card may be 'dead', before buying a new one, I would suggest borrowing card that is fully functioning from a friend if it's possible, and install it to verify that the error is in the card itself.

  • And also verify that there is no damage PCI slot by trying to install sound cards on different PC.  Windows may detect it as new instead of trying to reconfigure it on the slots it's currently on. 

  • If you have an onboard sound card but you want to use a sound card that you bought separately, Before using the new cand ensure that the onboard one is disabled. Always ensure the sound card that you purchase is compatible with your board. If it doesn’t mention on the packaging, do a little research online prior to the purchase.


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