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Prepare end Client/Points for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online - Part 3

<-- Planning Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online in a Hybrid Environment - Part 1 <-- Prepare Hybrid environment for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online - Part 2 When planning the hybrid solution for Skype for business or Lync with Skype for Business Online or Teams, it is important to consider how end client or endpoints such as phones, conferencing phones and meeting room video system compatible with the solution. Skype for Business client Even though the on-prem system is Lync 2013 many of the users use Skype for Business client. It would be a very rare situation that finds any use uses Lync client. Therefore, I mainly discuss here SfB client. There are some differences when running SfB clients on on-premise servers’ vs SfB hybrid and SfB Online services. The below considerations must be made when planning to either deploy hybrid or cloud-only SfB users. Considerable planning must be made, and communication must be clear to ensure stakeholders

Skype for Business / Teams Network Assessment Tool

The Skype for Business network assessment Tool brings the ability to perform a simple test of network performance and network connectivity to determine how good the network will perform for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business online calls. This tool gives you an easy to test your network quality and your connection to Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams. You can easily collect the result and share them with the network administrator to examine insight into potential network issues. This tool is very useful in the planning phase of Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams deployment. If you are using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online already, the tool can be used to troubleshoot voice quality or simply to check your network connection before you make a call or after you’ve experienced a poor-quality. Skype for Business Online has specific network necessities in order to provide end-users with the best experience. You can use this simple tool to assess the

Export enterprise voice enabled Skype for Business Users into CSV

This a very useful power shell command. This command mainly uses to export enterprise voice-enabled Skype for Business users into csv file. You can edit filed accordingly requirements of data. Such as what are the filed need to be filled in CSV file. GET-CSUser | Where { $_.EnterpriseVoiceEnabled } | Select-Object DisplayName, SIPAddress, LineURI | Export-Csv -Path "C:\test\csvoiceenabled.csv" The below command can be used to view the results on the power shell. GET-CSUser | Where { $_.EnterpriseVoiceEnabled } | Select-Object DisplayName,LineURI