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US relaxing the rules against Huawei

Since the United States made the decision to impose its blockade on Huawei more than a year ago, the American companies that collaborated with them have had to discontinue their businesses. However, this commercial blockade is gradually being relaxed, different companies have been gaining  special licenses  to continue doing business with Huawei. The last company is perhaps one of the most important,  Qualcomm, which will supply 4G chips to Huawei again .   With the blockade by the United States government  in Huawei, they saw practically no options for the development of their mobile chips . Huawei not only lost the possibility of using Qualcomm chips but also of manufacturing their own  by relying on TSMC  and American technologies, it even  effected with the screens . 4G chips for Huawei smartphones Things are moving, according to the media , Qualcomm is again licensed to sell some 4G processors to Huawei . Qualcomm did not specify which products Huawei is allowed to sell but told t

Microsoft Teams will allow to use multiple accounts simultaneously

Microsoft will allow  a user can use Teams with several accounts at the same time  when using the desktop version in Windows of this application. This feature will be enabled in stating of December and Microsoft is planning for having in it on Mac shortly after Windows. In the mobile version of Teams both in iOS and Android, this possibility is already activated. According to the roadmap, users of Microsoft Teams may add accounts, change their profile pictures and switch between accounts and organizations in the settings of the application. Users should already aware that, until this update arrives, if a user wants to change accounts using Microsoft Teams on their PC, they must log out and start a new one. Or use in incognito mode tab if you use Teams from the browser. Personal and professional use As of December, it will no longer be necessary to disconnect from an account, but it will be possible to have several active accounts and to exchange between them more easily. The featur

Windows 10 plans a major update of its interface in 2021

Microsoft is preparing to launch a major update to the Windows 10 interface next year, according secures  Windows Central . This fine-tuning of the system would also imply, according to the sources, a major renovation of the appearance of the Start menu, the activity centre and the Explorer. The arrival of these changes would come hand in hand with the launch of Windows 10 Cobalt, which is expected for the second half of 2021, probably when we are experiencing Christmas next year. These changes in the interface would arrive with Windows 10 Cobalt towards the end of the second half of next year This facelift, according to what the media publishes, would be described internally as a "refreshing and modernizing" project of what the Windows desktop experience is today. The renovation that was needed. A facelift that had been necessary Fluent Design arrived  a few years ago  to give some excitement to using Windows 10 with a new design language that, however, has been the