Microsoft Teams will allow to use multiple accounts simultaneously

Microsoft will allow a user can use Teams with several accounts at the same time when using the desktop version in Windows of this application. This feature will be enabled in stating of December and Microsoft is planning for having in it on Mac shortly after Windows. In the mobile version of Teams both in iOS and Android, this possibility is already activated.

Microsoft Teams will allow to use multiple accounts simultaneously

According to the roadmap, users of Microsoft Teams may add accounts, change their profile pictures and switch between accounts and organizations in the settings of the application.

Users should already aware that, until this update arrives, if a user wants to change accounts using Microsoft Teams on their PC, they must log out and start a new one. Or use in incognito mode tab if you use Teams from the browser.

Personal and professional use

As of December, it will no longer be necessary to disconnect from an account, but it will be possible to have several active accounts and to exchange between them more easily. The feature is that this change or transition is made in a similar way to other platforms, such as Slack. This will make it easier for users to manage all of their Microsoft Teams accounts from a single login.

At this point, it should be remembered that just a few days ago the company was taking advantage of the growth that this application had, in the number of users, ensuring that 115 million accounts are using its video conferencing service.

In this way, users will also be able to switch between professional and personal use of this tool, now that teleworking has been imposed in many companies and that some students combine face-to-face and online classes.

Users were requesting the feature for a long time.

It is an option that has been widely demanded by the users of this application. Doing a simple search for "multiple accounts" in Microsoft Teams User Voice (the web page where Microsoft store suggestions and support for users of this application) we can find more than 160 requests in this regard. Some of them, like this one from the year 2017, have almost 30,000 votes of support.

According to Microsoft, the company periodically reviews the ideas that users transmit on this website to take them into account in design remodelling or in the development of future product updates.

Microsoft has been working on this update since December of last year and had the collaboration of some of these users. In July, the company marked the fall as the date of general availability of this new option that will deploy this December.


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