Windows 10 plans a major update of its interface in 2021

Microsoft is preparing to launch a major update to the Windows 10 interface next year, according secures Windows Central. This fine-tuning of the system would also imply, according to the sources, a major renovation of the appearance of the Start menu, the activity centre and the Explorer.

Windows 10 updates

The arrival of these changes would come hand in hand with the launch of Windows 10 Cobalt, which is expected for the second half of 2021, probably when we are experiencing Christmas next year.

These changes in the interface would arrive with Windows 10 Cobalt towards the end of the second half of next year

This facelift, according to what the media publishes, would be described internally as a "refreshing and modernizing" project of what the Windows desktop experience is today. The renovation that was needed.

A facelift that had been necessary

Fluent Design arrived a few years ago to give some excitement to using Windows 10 with a new design language that, however, has been the only turning point in recent years. Microsoft's operating system, no matter how much time goes by, follows a very clear line and hardly gets out of it.

That seems to change from Redmond with the Sun Valley project, which would come to revitalize its appearance and transform the experience of users in their day to day with the latest version of Windows. Microsoft announced in May that the company intended to reinvest in Windows 10 in the next year, and according to Windows Central, Sun Valley is that reinvestment.

Everything indicates that what we will see in just over a year will follow the guidelines set in Windows 10X., The new version of the special operating system for dual-screen devices

Although little is known about this project, only what is pointed out in this apparent leak, everything indicates that what we will see in just over a year will follow the guidelines set in Windows 10X, the new version of the special operating system for dual devices. screen. That will also imply improvements in appearance and flexibility for those who use Windows 10 on tablets.

Also, according to the sources of journalist Zac Bowden, wider adoption of WinUI is expected throughout the Windows Shell and in native applications. Also, the dark mode will go beyond what it currently goes. Ultimately, Fluent The design will evolve with a new orientation to keep you up to date and offer improvements.

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As we say, if the deadlines are met, we could have Windows 10 Cobalt and the Sun Valley news in the last months of 2021.


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