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Coinbase launches crypto debit card in the US with 1% Bitcoin reward

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced today that its customers in the United State can now join a waiting list to acquire a Coinbase card, which is a Visa debit card, which facilitates its customers to spend crypto for payments and purchases. online and in-store, anywhere Visa is accepted. The Coinbase card now available in Europe can also be used for ATM cash withdrawals in the America Coinbase has called this new feature the easiest and fastest way to spend your cryptocurrencies around the world.   Crypto debit card The Coinbase card would not be the first to allow users to spend cryptocurrency on purchases, as several other debit cards around the world already offer the same crypto payment option. However, these services often require customers to add funds to the card in order to make payments with it. But according to Coinbase, the new card would cut out the middlemen and instead fund the card directly from the user's Coinbase account. Additionally, the Coinba

Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to Teams

Microsoft Teams has added a host of great new features that seem to outperform Zoom in the video conferencing space. Microsoft Teams added many new features to overcome zooming in the video conference space. What's new? The first is a great new feature that can transform your video calling experience: Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to teams starting in November. According to the latest Windows, who first reported on the feature, the new Teams feature will use the company's artificial intelligence technology to reduce background noise in meetings. It does this by analyzing the video stream and reducing the sounds produced in the background. Examples of the type of noise it can pick up and block out include fans, pen clicks, or microphone problems. The "High" setting part of the feature is an update to current functionality to give people more noise suppression if needed, Microsoft  said . Hopefully, this also means that the feature will detec

Microsoft Stream includes screen recording function

Microsoft set out to  conquer the business market in the field of video with a new platform  for  streaming  and hosting of videos: Microsoft Stream 3 years ago. Thanks to its integration with Office 365, Steam allowed video sharing within other applications (SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Yammer) and assigned a video channel to each group of Office 365 users. Despite having some advanced functions (allowing, for example, to perform voice searches or use facial recognition to jump to parts of the video in which a certain person appears ), in this time the role of the platform has been quite discreet. A new feature Now, however, Microsoft has decided to start adding new features to Stream; If already at the beginning of this year it began to support live video annotations , today it has begun to implement the screen recording function, for now as a limited beta to some users, which will be progressively activated. Depending on the content we want to share, Microsoft Stream wi