Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to Teams

Microsoft Teams has added a host of great new features that seem to outperform Zoom in the video conferencing space.

Microsoft Teams added many new features to overcome zooming in the video conference space.

MS Teams Vs Zoom

What's new?

The first is a great new feature that can transform your video calling experience: Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to teams starting in November.

According to the latest Windows, who first reported on the feature, the new Teams feature will use the company's artificial intelligence technology to reduce background noise in meetings. It does this by analyzing the video stream and reducing the sounds produced in the background. Examples of the type of noise it can pick up and block out include fans, pen clicks, or microphone problems.

The "High" setting part of the feature is an update to current functionality to give people more noise suppression if needed, Microsoft said. Hopefully, this also means that the feature will detect barking dogs or noisy children, which is never ideal when you're on a business or work trip.

The Teams Noise Suppression update will begin rolling out in November for Microsoft desktops running Windows 10, 8.1, and 7. It is not known if or when this feature may make its way to Teams apps for Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, as reported by OnMsft, a new Microsoft Teams desktop update just added two features: full-screen mode and the ability for meeting organizers to view and manage meeting options directly in the new one. meeting experience.

IOS Privacy and Productivity for Teams

For those using Teams on iOS, Microsoft added new features to help increase your productivity and privacy. When it comes to privacy, Microsoft protects your sensitive data by stopping you from viewing messages using its device management platform. In tune.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also added natural language support for when searching for messages, spelling suggestions, and caller ID for voicemail messages. Also, call controls will always be displayed on the screen with more options on your iPad.

Zoom Vs Teams: Which is the best?

Microsoft Teams is adding a tidal wave of new features in recent months, as it appears to beat the biggest rival Zoom. This includes the ability to add a custom background and Together Mode to make the video conferencing experience as close to real life as possible.

Like computers, Zoom also offers noise cancellation. Until now, the differentiating feature of Teams has likely been the integration with other Microsoft products through its Advanced Communications offering. Teams is not just a video conferencing service, it is a collaboration tool.

But Zoom resists. it recently released a major update to compete with that, including Zapps, which connects apps directly within Zoom. Fundamentally, it is also beginning to implement the gold standard for security: end-to-end encryption. Teams don't have that yet.

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Difficult to choose equipment or to zoom. Currently, Teams is at the forefront on the side of integration with Microsoft, which will influence some people and companies. One thing is for sure: The video conferencing battle is escalating and shows no signs of abating anytime soon.


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