Windows 10 uses AI in new system for updates

One of the complaints of Windows 10 users is that many times when they are working and an update occurs that restarts the computer, interrupting what they are doing.


Microsoft previously took some measures to control this problem but still, users keep complaining that updates in some cases keep restarting the operating system when they are using the device.

Now to try to fix this that is still a problem for many, when the user has a pending update Microsoft changed the logic it used to reboot through a new system that is better adapted and proactive.

Microsoft says that it uses artificial intelligence to carry out this task and for this, it trained a predictive model that can with enough certainty predict when is the best time to restart the device.

This system not only checks if the user is using the device before rebooting, the new system also predicts if the user stopped using the device temporarily and will return shortly.

Microsoft used this model in internal devices within the firm and the results were "promising."

This new AI-based system was released for Windows Insiders with the Redstone 5 and Redstone 6 update.

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