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Exchange Online Unified Messaging is retiring. What’s next......

Microsoft revealed their exchange server 2019 and the biggest change was Unified Messaging no longer available. When users who enabled UM to migrate from exchange 2013 or 2016 to exchange 2019, UM is disabled automatically. Further users need to use Azure Voicemail or customers need to implement a new voicemail solution as a replacement for voice mail. One possibility is, develop to store voicemail separate of exchange Server. Therefore, AVST and its CX-E platform can be used. Microsoft is removing Unified Messaging (UM) from Exchange online and introducing Cloud Voicemail and Auto Attendant services. To use this solution, customer need an Office 365 subscription with a Skype for business Online Plan 2 License. The Cloud Voicemail in Azure takes the position of the old Exchange UM roles which all of us familiar with previous exchange versions.   There are many befits of using Cloud Voicemail Online. Could Voicemail users Azure feature based in Microsoft Global Network to fac

Google launched first cloud region in South Korea.

First in Asia and eight in Asia-Pacific. US Tech Giant tossed up the first cloud is South Korea and becoming first in Asia and eight in Asia-Pacific. It is located region in Seoul. With the new region Google planning to focus on robotics, Artificial intelligent and online games. The new site pushes Google's cloud system to 21 areas and 64 zones across 16 nations, and offers the standard assistance portfolio, for example, Google Kubernetes Engine, Bigtable, Spanner, and BigQuery. Google is looking for customer base Samsung, LG Electronics and SK Telecom. And also, mobile games companies Netmarble and SundayToz. Company planning to develop services to facilitate key verticals to reach the customs in the region.   It will make an opportunity to expand its data center footprint and extend the usage in triple. Google made another announcement that the company launched a new range of virtual machines that are for general-purpose and those VMs run on AMD’s second-generatio

How to reset Windows PIN

A decent secret key or PIN is hard to break yet can be hard to memorize. On the off chance that you overlooked or lost your Windows login PIN, you won't have the option to recover it, yet you can reset it. If you find trouble of using your pin to sign in to Windows 10, it might be forgotten. Take it Easy, you still have an option to recover your access to Windows 10 and claim a new PIN. Let’s assume you had set up a PIN into your Windows 10 account, that PIN facilitate easy login into your devices and fast. There is two choices that can be followed. Choice 1: Reset PIN at the lock screen Choice 2: Reset PIN in the setting app Reset pin at the lock screen On the off chance that you've been locked out of your Windows PC in any capacity whatsoever, start by heading off to the login screen and tapping the " I Forgot My PIN" connect. Step 1: Tap on “I forgot my PIN” Step 2: Enter the password for your Microsoft account Step 3:

5 Great Reasons To Connect Solar Power

Simply put, 'Sun oriented energy' is vitality that is gotten from the sun. Our sun is a bottomless wellspring of vitality; it gives of warmth and light. The sun's been respected by a few societies of the past and even by a couple of societies despite everything present today. The antiquated Egyptians even adored the sun as a God. All said and done, it was not lost regard; the sun absolutely is a plentiful and boundless wellspring of intensity, at any rate for a few ages to come; the benefits for utilizing its sunlight based vitality are various. It's free Each morning with each daybreak, the sun-powered vitality discharged by the sun comes separated through our air giving light and assisting with emanating heat. This has been going on for many years, yet it is as of late that we have started to benefit from this plentiful wellspring of practically unending force. In the past, the Greeks and the Egyptians have been known to saddle the intensity of the

Trump’s government added Huawei on its Entity list.

Google cuts off supporting Huawei Any Huawei phones that launched after May 16, 2019, Google apps such as Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail do not appear on the phones. Not only apps even Play Store also disappeared.   Huawei is excluded from gaining a license from Google to use its software. US government place Huawei on its entity list and because of it the restrictions placed on Huawei users. All US companies are restricted from having any deal with companies that are listed on the governments' entity list. Therefore, Google also banned to work with Huawei any more. Some US citizens mentioned Huawei are spices and part of Chinese intelligence. So, they want to keep Huawei out of USA. And, some are praised Mr. Donald Trump to making a brave decision to keep China away from US. Google says they keep focusing on google users who are using existing Huawei devices around the world. They keep targeting to protect their uses. They continue to work with Huawei by obeying gov

Google Cloud axing Jobs

Annual Revenue Touched $10BN Cloud industry keeps changing and sometimes that means the job losses or introducing new products or services. Google announced earlier this month that Google cloud had reached a $10 billion annual revenue. Even though reached of high revenue, the company admitted for job cuts in the enterprise section as part of a restructuring. Part of the digitization, job cut is a common task in most of the companies. Eliminating some roles within the organization will take as a part of the restructuring program. Google says an only a small number of people would be affected.

Microsoft introduced Audio conferencing Pay Per Minute

MS Skype for business online or Teams was offering the standard Audio Conferencing per user license. Now your organization can select Pay Per Minute offer to enable Audio Conferencing facility.  This offer can be enabled only by Volume and Licencing customers.  Audio Conferencing pay-per-minutes let the customer to pay for all of their Audio conferencing usages on a per-minute category without paying license fee per user. With this option, all inbound and outbound calls will be charged as a per-minutes basis.  When you enable this feature your organization needs to have communication credits assigned with a license for each user in order to work Audio conferencing.   With this option, your organization can control and monitor pay-per minutes charged by checking Communication Credits. Also, it is more flexible pricing for the customer.

Zoom video's share price raise with Coronavirus.

Travel bans execute in most of the countries as protection for Coronavirus. Therefore international travelling is very limited especially in and out to China. Video conferencing becoming a more and more suitable option for official meets at this crisis. Zoom video communications stock was uplifting their share prices. Some investors and industries have made the obvious decisions that video and collaboration communication is more beneficial for their businesses with the current virus disaster.