Trump’s government added Huawei on its Entity list.

Google cuts off supporting Huawei

Any Huawei phones that launched after May 16, 2019, Google apps such as Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail do not appear on the phones. Not only apps even Play Store also disappeared.  Huawei is excluded from gaining a license from Google to use its software.

US government place Huawei on its entity list and because of it the restrictions placed on Huawei users. All US companies are restricted from having any deal with companies that are listed on the governments' entity list. Therefore, Google also banned to work with Huawei any more.

Some US citizens mentioned Huawei are spices and part of Chinese intelligence. So, they want to keep Huawei out of USA. And, some are praised Mr. Donald Trump to making a brave decision to keep China away from US.

Google says they keep focusing on google users who are using existing Huawei devices around the world. They keep targeting to protect their uses. They continue to work with Huawei by obeying government regulations. They will keep push security updates in to the device models that released to the public on before 16th May last year. Google provided clear guidance to their uses who would affect or not if users question them. Further Google added due to the current restriction of government Google apps and services are not accessible to preload or sideload on new Huawei devices.

Google continues performing on security reviewing and compatibility testing on certified devices. This process conducts to make sure user data and app information are kept safe. Google paly protects software available from the factory and it provides protection against the device been compromised. Google Play Store Google Play Protect and Google’s apps are only available on Play Protect Certified devices. Google always concerns its user’s security and privacy.  Because of the government restriction new Huawei devices (Released after 16/05/2019) are not been gone through the security and compatibility process.

How to check if your device is certified.

Open Google Play Store app on Android device, Tap Menu top left end and again tap for Setting. Under the setting view Play Protect Certification and if it displays Device is certified, the device is certified.  
How to check if your device is certified


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