How to reset Windows PIN

A decent secret key or PIN is hard to break yet can be hard to memorize. On the off chance that you overlooked or lost your Windows login PIN, you won't have the option to recover it, yet you can reset it.

If you find trouble of using your pin to sign in to Windows 10, it might be forgotten. Take it Easy, you still have an option to recover your access to Windows 10 and claim a new PIN. Let’s assume you had set up a PIN into your Windows 10 account, that PIN facilitate easy login into your devices and fast.

There is two choices that can be followed.

  • Choice 1: Reset PIN at the lock screen
  • Choice 2: Reset PIN in the setting app

Reset pin at the lock screen

On the off chance that you've been locked out of your Windows PC in any capacity whatsoever, start by heading off to the login screen and tapping the "I Forgot My PIN" connect.

Step 1: Tap on “I forgot my PIN”
I Forgot My PIN

Step 2: Enter the password for your Microsoft account

Step 3: If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Microsoft account, ask to enter the 
recovery email address or phone number to verify your account.

Step 4: enter the security code that received from Microsoft and click Next

Step 5: Click Continue to proceed. Then the popup box will display and it prompts to set up a PIN.  
add a new pin

Reset PIN in the setting APP

If you wat reset you pin while you access to your window device,

Step 1: Click the Start menu and select settings

Step 2: In the settings window click Accounts and click Sign-in Options

Step 3: Then click I forgot my PIN
I forgot my PIN

Step 4: Verify your account adding password into windows security popup box

Step 5: Then Set up pin box will appear and use the entries to add a new pin.
add a new pin


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