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Virtual reality, post-pandemic era and strong competition: Zoom is on the Game

Eric Yuan has clung  to the discourse that post-covid normality will not be the same as the reality of before . In a previous interview, he said that he considers that the work model will be hybrid and that workers will go to the office a couple of times a week and that there will be "less and less" business attend. But if we return to a world without a pandemic, will people still want to stay at home in front of a screen to meet with partners, clients and friends? To try to convince himself more, the Zoom leader also assures that online meeting will evolve with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. He says that there will be technologies that allow you to smell coffee in a meeting or that people can shake hands feeling as if it were almost real. What is not clear is whether in practice all this can be well enough to return to the boom of parties and video-call meetings. Do not forget that in the times when no one could leave their homes in spring, many professiona

Microsoft Teams will allow to use multiple accounts simultaneously

Microsoft will allow  a user can use Teams with several accounts at the same time  when using the desktop version in Windows of this application. This feature will be enabled in stating of December and Microsoft is planning for having in it on Mac shortly after Windows. In the mobile version of Teams both in iOS and Android, this possibility is already activated. According to the roadmap, users of Microsoft Teams may add accounts, change their profile pictures and switch between accounts and organizations in the settings of the application. Users should already aware that, until this update arrives, if a user wants to change accounts using Microsoft Teams on their PC, they must log out and start a new one. Or use in incognito mode tab if you use Teams from the browser. Personal and professional use As of December, it will no longer be necessary to disconnect from an account, but it will be possible to have several active accounts and to exchange between them more easily. The featur

Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to Teams

Microsoft Teams has added a host of great new features that seem to outperform Zoom in the video conferencing space. Microsoft Teams added many new features to overcome zooming in the video conference space. What's new? The first is a great new feature that can transform your video calling experience: Microsoft is adding AI-based noise cancellation to teams starting in November. According to the latest Windows, who first reported on the feature, the new Teams feature will use the company's artificial intelligence technology to reduce background noise in meetings. It does this by analyzing the video stream and reducing the sounds produced in the background. Examples of the type of noise it can pick up and block out include fans, pen clicks, or microphone problems. The "High" setting part of the feature is an update to current functionality to give people more noise suppression if needed, Microsoft  said . Hopefully, this also means that the feature will detec

Microsoft Teams keep updates new features

I had brought a few articles about new Teams features that Microsoft introduced. This time also this article contained further updates that Microsoft released. Video calls will be less boring with Mode Together . One of the Microsoft applications that has gained the most strength as a result of the current pandemic the situation that we are experiencing, is Teams. The tool of the company based in Redmond to improve teamwork, whether in professional or educational environments and that in recent weeks we have seen how it has been reinforced with new functions and improvements. More possibilities like the ones that now come with the latest updates. New features among which is the so-called dynamic view that facilitates work when sharing files or the possibility of joining all the participants in a video call in a kind of virtual room thanks to " Mode Together ”. Video calls, more dynamic of all the innovations that this update brings, it cannot be denied that the

Microsoft improves security in Teams to work from home

In these days that we live, telework occupies a fundamental part in the lives of many people. Faced with a possible job loss, teleworking from home is a more than valid option, but for this, it is necessary to have the right tools and that they are also safe. Microsoft has different options among them. Skype, OneDrive, To-Do, Teams ... all these applications can be used to improve remote work. And if we recently saw how To-Do and OneDrive were updated, now we are left with the improvements that come to Teams, changes aimed at achieving greater security at work from home. Communication remotely but safely Microsoft Teams is an app designed to manage workflows in both educational and business environments. A utility whose premise is to improve performance and productivity in the environments, promoting the connection between users to help manage shared work. Microsoft has collaborated with Abnormal Security and has implemented improvements in Microsoft Teams aimed at impr

Zoom rolled out new security tools

The US Senate has asked its members to stop using Zoom because of their privacy concerns. Also the Governments of Germany and Taiwan. Elon Musk's SpaceX did the same on its employees' computers. And recently it has been Google, a direct rival, the company that has banned the use of this popular video calling application. All this controversy arises as a result of different security and privacy problems revealed in recent weeks. The first one is that through the screen sharing option, a public link of the video call is automatically generated, something that allows access to anyone who intercepts this link. It is not the only problem, as Zoom would not have, according to The Intercept, end-to-end encryption for its video calls. This is coupled with news reports that Zoom has shared thousands of user data without your permission. Now, to deal with this situation, Zoom has hired Alex Stamos, former Chief Security Officer of Yahoo and Facebook, as a security and protection a

Google rolled out noise cancellation feature in Google Meet

Video conferencing is a more and more effective tool for many scenarios with the pandemic situation. Many of use video conference method for business, educational and personal purposes than before. Background noise can make very distract at the live meeting. Many of the video conferences provide has tackled this problem to enhance meeting experience for users as uses are connecting to the meetings from many environments.   Recently Google has solved this issue by roll outing noise cancellation feature to Google Meet for G Suit Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education and G Suite Enterprise Essentials accounts. As for now, the option is currently available only for web-only meetings. It will be available for the mobile app soon. Google Meet uses Artificial Intelligent for Notice cancellation feature and it the feature removes non-stationary noises such as typing, door opening and closing and other background noises. The feature mostly filters out noises that do not sound

Revolution in Multimedia- CODEC H.266

H.266 is the latest video codec. Video codecs are software that can compress and decompress video files. Therefor mainly codec helps to store files in less space and to transfer files using less bandwidth over the network. Common codecs are h.264 and h.265. h.266 is the latest invention of codecs. The new h.266 video codec is a pretty big deal in the video industry. It can not be used yet. Most of the videos are using codec h.265 nowadays. H.266 will have the capability to encode the video file into half of the size that you have now. That will optimise to speed up the transition to 8K HDR video. Isn’t it cool when you thinking the size of the file and transitional rate? H.266 will change the multimedia industry soon.   H.266 can shrink files to 50 per cent which is smaller than what the current h.265 can compress. This process is never affecting video quality to a noticeable level. In simply lets imaging you have 8GB video file encoded in h.264. And the same file can be en

Zoom acquires Keybase

Zoom announced that Keybase has been acquired by ZOOM, a startup with encryption expertise. So far Purchase price has not been revealed. Keybase one of the main company that building encryption products for several years including secure file sharing and collaboration tools. The main reason that Zoom acquired Keybase to get end-to-end encryption for its video calls. That will increase security credibility for Zoom. Zoom faced a shortage of security credibility at the demands of videos within the pandemic period. The company has faced many of security issues in the last couple of months as demand as climbed and exposed some security weaknesses in the platform. As the company has stepped on to address these issues and decided to have a team of encryption experts on staff who should help the company build a more secure product. Announcement of the deal is in a blog post, CEO Eric Yuan said they acquired Keybase to give customers a higher level of security. Security is   in