Revolution in Multimedia- CODEC H.266

H.266 is the latest video codec. Video codecs are software that can compress and decompress video files. Therefor mainly codec helps to store files in less space and to transfer files using less bandwidth over the network. Common codecs are h.264 and h.265. h.266 is the latest invention of codecs.

The new h.266 video codec is a pretty big deal in the video industry. It can not be used yet. Most of the videos are using codec h.265 nowadays. H.266 will have the capability to encode the video file into half of the size that you have now. That will optimise to speed up the transition to 8K HDR video. Isn’t it cool when you thinking the size of the file and transitional rate? H.266 will change the multimedia industry soon.  

H.266 can shrink files to 50 per cent which is smaller than what the current h.265 can compress. This process is never affecting video quality to a noticeable level. In simply lets imaging you have 8GB video file encoded in h.264. And the same file can be encoded in h.266 into 2GB file. This is an incredible reduction in the size of a video file. And also do a lot of advantage at playback and streaming of 8K HDR movies rather than the consideration you have about bandwidth when you playing movies today using Netflix or other video platforms.

Ultimately h.266 will overcome to h.265 codec. But still, consideration h.265 is not fully replaced for h.264. H.266 will require much more powerful hardware for the encoding process. Even though you have the correct hardware, it would take a really long time to encode.

According to the road map, the first H.266 codec supported app and devices will launch within the next couple of years. 8KHDR streaming could follow after it. But 8K TVs already in the market. If the consumer demand for 8K hardware reaches high enough, the app and devices will show up in the market sooner than predicted.

Do we need to upgrade the devices?

I believe it’s not the time yet. Still, 4K HDR compatible devices and apps are on the market for only a few years. 8K streaming is logistically a couple of years away. We don’t need to concern about 8K resolution just yet. H.266 new codec just started. Therefore, no need to have early adoption.


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