Microsoft Teams launches the Personal Use App

Microsoft Teams is a well-known collaboration application. It acts as a hub for teamwork that allows features of chat, meet, call and collaboration all in one application. Teams is a great tool for the commercial environment. With the outback of Covid19 MS Teams became high demand tool to stay connected with work colleagues and teams. At work, more and more people love Microsoft Teams.

In generally out of the work environment, people are using multiple apps to mage day to day work. They use separate apps for managing calendar, email, messaging, photo add, to-do list and documents. Microsoft believed it's better to have a single app to manage all tasks the same as the business environment. By fulfilling the requirements Microsoft introduces Microsoft Teams personal app version in mobile preview. This would be great to initiate, beyond the work scenario to personal life.  

the new features are designed to improve the need for tools which is never seen before and instead offer one central hub for individuals, groups, families and friends to collaborate and stay connected and organized. The APP is launching initially as a preview for iOS and Android. MS Teams for personal use will contain the basics of text chat and video calling, combined with shared lists, documents, calendars, and location sharing. And also, it comes with a neat dashboard of events, locations, tasks, and images that everyone in a group has shared. Microsoft is trying to take all of the best features of Microsoft Teams for work and make them relevant for when you might need them at home. User can get started with there new preview feature in a couple of ways.
  •  If you use MS Teams mobile app to connect your work, simply click into settings and add an account. Then you can sign in with your personal Microsoft account or create a new account with your phone number. Once you sign in with your personal account you can toggle between work and personal accounts.
  • If you are not a user of mobile MS Teams yet, visit the app store on your IOS or Android to download the mobile app and installed it. Then you can sign in with your personal account or create a new one with your phone number.

Once you sign in you can start built groups and invite people to join the groups.

Just like you do at work with Teams you can connect with family and friends through messaging and video calling. By creating groups, you can have group chats and video calls. Not only that you can start sharing documents, photos, videos, GIFs and location too.

Teams is a tool for teamwork. Once you create a group, it creates a nice dashboard for the group. Group dashboard will display the next virtual meeting (calendar), location, media. It is a great way to pick up conversation or updates where you left.  It provides the ability to assign tasks to individuals within your group.

MS Teams integrates with your Microsoft 365 apps, therefore you can easily share form World, Excel, PowerPoint, Notes within Teams. All your documents stored in your OneDrive, you can assess these documents from anywhere from any devices.

Location is integrated with Team. You can share your location very easily. Teams always implement security for contents. Therefore, you can store and share important details safely. The app is secured by using two-factor authentication and all audio and video calls are enabled with end-to-end encryption.

Microsoft needs to add a value of using Teams in works and in personal life. The preview model of the app is rolling out over the coming weeks. Microsoft expects users to add their feedback about 


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