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US relaxing the rules against Huawei

Since the United States made the decision to impose its blockade on Huawei more than a year ago, the American companies that collaborated with them have had to discontinue their businesses. However, this commercial blockade is gradually being relaxed, different companies have been gaining  special licenses  to continue doing business with Huawei. The last company is perhaps one of the most important,  Qualcomm, which will supply 4G chips to Huawei again .   With the blockade by the United States government  in Huawei, they saw practically no options for the development of their mobile chips . Huawei not only lost the possibility of using Qualcomm chips but also of manufacturing their own  by relying on TSMC  and American technologies, it even  effected with the screens . 4G chips for Huawei smartphones Things are moving, according to the media , Qualcomm is again licensed to sell some 4G processors to Huawei . Qualcomm did not specify which products Huawei is allowed to sell but told t

US ban TikTok.... Can you make money on TikTok?

TikTok is a social networking service that provides facilities to share the videos. TikTok is becoming very popular among other social media platforms. Many users are login to TikTok daily. The numbers are not as big as YouTube or Facebook. TikTok app has been downloaded more than 1.6 billion times from online app stores. This number seems incredible in a short period of introduced TikTok. Who Own the TikTok TikTok owned by a chines-based company called BayteDance. The parent company located in Beijing China. Some experts in cybersecurity and governments have concerns around TikTok. China has implemented a very extensive infrastructure that enables tracking and monitoring its people and data. Some are querying, this App is been used to gather data of the users around the world and direct them to China. Questions are who has access to these data and how they are going to use it? Other most social media are based in the United States. Americans get free speech o

Google Cloud axing Jobs

Annual Revenue Touched $10BN Cloud industry keeps changing and sometimes that means the job losses or introducing new products or services. Google announced earlier this month that Google cloud had reached a $10 billion annual revenue. Even though reached of high revenue, the company admitted for job cuts in the enterprise section as part of a restructuring. Part of the digitization, job cut is a common task in most of the companies. Eliminating some roles within the organization will take as a part of the restructuring program. Google says an only a small number of people would be affected.

Zoom video's share price raise with Coronavirus.

Travel bans execute in most of the countries as protection for Coronavirus. Therefore international travelling is very limited especially in and out to China. Video conferencing becoming a more and more suitable option for official meets at this crisis. Zoom video communications stock was uplifting their share prices. Some investors and industries have made the obvious decisions that video and collaboration communication is more beneficial for their businesses with the current virus disaster.