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Virtual reality, post-pandemic era and strong competition: Zoom is on the Game

Eric Yuan has clung  to the discourse that post-covid normality will not be the same as the reality of before . In a previous interview, he said that he considers that the work model will be hybrid and that workers will go to the office a couple of times a week and that there will be "less and less" business attend. But if we return to a world without a pandemic, will people still want to stay at home in front of a screen to meet with partners, clients and friends? To try to convince himself more, the Zoom leader also assures that online meeting will evolve with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. He says that there will be technologies that allow you to smell coffee in a meeting or that people can shake hands feeling as if it were almost real. What is not clear is whether in practice all this can be well enough to return to the boom of parties and video-call meetings. Do not forget that in the times when no one could leave their homes in spring, many professiona