Microsoft Teams keep updates new features

I had brought a few articles about new Teams features that Microsoft introduced. This time also this article contained further updates that Microsoft released.

Video calls will be less boring with Mode Together.

One of the Microsoft applications that has gained the most strength as a result of the current pandemic the situation that we are experiencing, is Teams. The tool of the company based in Redmond to improve teamwork, whether in professional or educational environments and that in recent weeks we have seen how it has been reinforced with new functions and improvements.

More possibilities like the ones that now come with the latest updates. New features among which is the so-called dynamic view that facilitates work when sharing files or the possibility of joining all the participants in a video call in a kind of virtual room thanks to "Mode Together”.

Video calls, more dynamic of all the innovations that this update brings, it cannot be denied that the so-called "Mode Together" or "Together Mode" is the most striking, a function that will reach users recently. If the video conference seemed boring, this is something that can change, because with this tool, all the participants of the video call are in the same virtual environment.

 Teams Together mode

What Teams does is trim the background that appears in each person's call. He only "stays" with the line of the participant to create a kind of avatar that he then places in a predetermined virtual environment such as a classroom with virtual chairs, a court or a cafeteria.

With the "Mode Together" the video call gains dynamism, because since they are all integrated into a virtual room, it is easier to have them "under control" instead of going window by window, each one with a different background. In addition, the new feature makes it easier to see other participants by mirroring the image.

The "Mode Together" allows up to a total of 49 participants to participate and allows interacting in a certain way with them by knowing the position of each one with respect to the others

In addition to Dynamic View, users can also share live reactions with their teammates. This essentially resembles the emoji reactions that appear on your recipient's box as they speak. Teams will also have video filters where users can adjust lighting levels or soften focus to enhance their webcam during a call.

Easier to share documents

But along with this striking and aesthetic improvement, Teams also seeks to improve performance when sharing documents, jobs or files. This will integrate a new dynamic view that allows you to share files or presentations comfortably next to each user's windows.

They will also improve the quality of the transmitted video, by adding filters and correction of lights and colours and will make it more accessible by having live automatic subtitles. Likewise, the number of participants are increased, which with this update rises to
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1,000 users per video call or 20,000, if they are only attending a presentation.

Making more features available

Microsoft is also adding "chat bubbles" so that messages can be seen more clearly by other participants on the call.

Finally, Teams will also integrate Cortana. Microsoft's virtual voice assistant in the mobile version of the service. Cortana will be able to assist you to make a call, join meetings, share files with colleagues, and even send chat messages.


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