Google Meet will be limited to 60 minutes

Google is in April of this year temporarily "opened" the Meet Tools tool to make it free for everyone and without restrictions. However, that period ends on September 30, since when did Google Meet in free mode? limit the duration of meetings to 60 minutes.

 Google Meet

Over the next few days, anyone with a Google account can create a free online meeting with up to 100 people, without limits. . Additionally, advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education users enable meetings of up to 250 users, live streaming of up to 100,000 people, and the ability to record appointments on Google Drive. These features are typically only available to G Suite customers at the “business” level and cost $ 25 per month per user.

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These concessions were made by Google due to the meteoric success of the Zoom video conferencing platform. After all, how current it was is also shown by the fact that Meet, after opening an account for everyone, during April more than 100 million users a day. To be honest, for most users, the restrictions returned by Google will mean next to nothing. An hour is more than enough time to hold the largest number of meetings, and rarely more than a dozen people attend. Therefore this restriction for users who do not want to pay Meet can only be an additional incentive to increase efficiency.


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