Microsoft improves security in Teams to work from home

In these days that we live, telework occupies a fundamental part in the lives of many people. Faced with a possible job loss, teleworking from home is a more than valid option, but for this, it is necessary to have the right tools and that they are also safe.

Microsoft has different options among them. Skype, OneDrive, To-Do, Teams ... all these applications can be used to improve remote work. And if we recently saw how To-Do and OneDrive were updated, now we are left with the improvements that come to Teams, changes aimed at achieving greater security at work from home.
 Work from home

Communication remotely but safely

Microsoft Teams is an app designed to manage workflows in both educational and business environments. A utility whose premise is to improve performance and productivity in the environments, promoting the connection between users to help manage shared work.
Microsoft has collaborated with Abnormal Security and has implemented improvements in Microsoft Teams aimed at improving user privacy. It is about preventing a cyber attacker from getting data such as access codes, passwords ... something that can be easier via teleworking, as workers are not subject to the control of the systems within the company.
What allows this improvement, a function that responds to the name of Okta's Identity Cloud is that messages of identity theft, phishing, which can be sent in Microsoft Teams, can be controlled. Through the Office 365 API, where this functionality is integrated, Outlook controls email in the cloud by flagging possible suspicious emails. What the system does is automatically detect suspicious messages sent within a client's Microsoft Teams environment to prevent these emails from spreading and reaching the possible affected person.
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Now that teleworking is more important than ever, the safety of equipment and users cannot be neglected in parallel. A compliment, this one from Microsoft, which serves to help control systems to protect our equipment.


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