Outlook introduce new Text Predictions.

Outlook improves with text redactions:  Artificial Intelligence helps us compose emails


Outlook, Microsoft's mail continues to add new features to try to meet user demands. Either with the old Hotmail or with Outlook, the Microsoft platform adds a long-awaited function especially for those who use mail intensively.
This is the "Text Predictions" function, an improvement that facilitates the writing of documents and responses by proposing the most appropriate words while we are composing the email. A feature that may remind many of Gmail's Smart Compose. Gmail introduced Smart Compose about two years ago in 2018.
No errors in emails

To deliver these text predictions, Outlook uses the increasingly popular Artificial Intelligence. Depending on the context, from our history, the system offers the most appropriate word at all times as a suggestion. It is up to us to decide whether or not we want to use it.

To use this function you can use the tab key or the right arrow key if we are satisfied with the proposed word and want to use it. If we are not interested, just keep writing to ignore the suggestion.
If you want to enable the function of  "Predictive text" function, just access the "Settings" section at the top of the page. Once inside, look for the section "View all Outlook settings" to then enter "Mail" and "Compose and reply".
In the "Text predictions" section, we will select the "Suggest words or phrases as I type" checkbox to enable predictive text.
The new function is being deployed in Outlook in the web version and you may not have it active yet, although it should not appear as available for too long.
Schedule emails on Outlook Web
This the feature is already enabling for Outlook desktop app. Now Microsoft introducing into the web app. When replying or sending emails, there are times where you would not like to reply immediately. Outlook desktop app and web app has allowed users to send an outgoing message on a delay.


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