Windows 10 Updates will bring 10X features

I have mentioned in my previous article windows 10X will delay releasing and it may release about the second quarter of next year. But some of the new operating system features could come to Windows 10 in the very near future. Microsoft will release Windows 10 upgrade pack to bring all-new features into the existing operating system. New upgrade version will introduce as Windows 10 build 20185 packages.

Windows 10 build 20185

Especially we need to mention the latest windows has added a new panel that allows users to insert emojis, GIFs and even content from tie clipboards. The new panel brings a new experience for users how copying and pasting works. The new panel also includes a few new features to make it easier for users to insert content to their email, messages and documents.   

Furthermore users able to access their most recent used emoji and GIFs as well as search for new ones. “Clipboard history” is the feature that includes in the panel and that display a list of items which users have recently copied to the clipboard.

The new panel will provide similar functionality natively and also able to sync across many devices.

Windows 10 already allows users to access their clipboard history at any time by clicking windows key and V. Clipboard items can be shared across windows 10 devices by accessing system settings and selecting “Automatic sync text that I copy” in the clipboard menu under the “Sync across devices” tab. However, the current limitation is clipboard can store only up to 25 entries, manner of oldest one deleted and a new one appeared.
With the latest update, clipboard history will not limit to text it will support HTML contents and images. The new panel in Windows will work much the same way as the Google’s keyboard app Gboard. User will get options to insert GIFs and emojis into the messages and documents very quickly and easily.

Next feature windows update release date is unknown yet. I will bring you the latest updates once it releases Keep touch with IMeshNet.  


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