Microsoft Stream includes screen recording function

Microsoft set out to conquer the business market in the field of video with a new platform for streaming and hosting of videos: Microsoft Stream 3 years ago. Thanks to its integration with Office 365, Steam allowed video sharing within other applications (SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Yammer) and assigned a video channel to each group of Office 365 users.

Despite having some advanced functions (allowing, for example, to perform voice searches or use facial recognition to jump to parts of the video in which a certain person appears ), in this time the role of the platform has been quite discreet.

Microsoft Stream

A new feature

Now, however, Microsoft has decided to start adding new features to Stream; If already at the beginning of this year it began to support live video annotations , today it has begun to implement the screen recording function, for now as a limited beta to some users, which will be progressively activated.

Depending on the content we want to share, Microsoft Stream will allow us to select a browser tab, a window or the entire screen as the source of the recording.

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If we choose this last option, we can add both a thumbnail of the image of our webcam and an audio track from any audio capture device, so that we can comment on what appears on the screen.

The only two restrictions on this function will be that it does not work on Linux (although it will be available on Windows and macOS) and its time limit to 15 minutes : as it is intended for short videos, it will force us to divide larger presentations into several fragments.

The best thing is that we can do all this without having to install any application on the computer: we will only need an Office 365 account and an Edge Chrome browser (version 79 or higher) or Chromium (version 74 or higher), enter the website of Stream and access 'Create'> 'Record Screen' from the drop-down menu.


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