Microsoft adds its Meet Now feature in Skype

Zoom is playing one of the major roles at this pandemic period as a video call platform. Demanding for Zoom is hitting higher more and more than before. Microsoft Skype is competing with Zoom to get high demand for video calling. Microsoft rolled out the Meet Now feature into Skype in December 2019. Meet Now makes easier to set up video calling. Microsoft is very busy now prompting its feature.

Skype has used Twitter to promote the latest added feature that allows users to connect important people or love ones in simple and hassle-free way. Microsoft’s Skype has been reached to a spike in usage as the Coronavirus outback had forced people to stay at homes.

Advantage of using skype than zoom no account require to set up to user Meet now. Even there is no require downloading the client.  Users are able to create a link with a click and send it to invitees via email. The participant can join the video call using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Microsoft skype boasts its usage than before. Daily usage of skype is 40 million now. It is a 70% increment compare to February. But Zoom has 200 million active users. It grows from 10 million to 40 million by the end of March.

Microsoft also announced there will be new features to be rolled out into Teams. Teams would be the main platform for video and chat in the future. Currently, MS Teams spike into 44 million daily uses in Businesses. Microsoft will roll out the ability of consumers to make video calls and collaborate with families and friends using Teams.


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