Microsoft introduce background image in MS Teams

How to set a background image in Microsoft Teams.

Finally, Microsoft introduced to set up a background image in MS Teams at video Meetings. It used to have blurred the background of the participant in video calls in Teams. Now it provides the ability to change the background images of yours when you connecting to the meetings or while you are at the meetings.

If you are looking for a litter extra privacy such as hide where you are or hide the mess around you when you are connecting web conference using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft enables the option to set up your background. You can either blur your background or you can bring an image into your background to cover your privacy around you.  This new option changes the view behind you to effect it looks like your sitting at a different place.

How to set up background Image….

Before Join the call

The easiest way to set a background image on MS teams is via the join a call page, we all known as lobby or waiting room. This is the page you view before you enter the teleconference and where you can check your settings such as microphone and webcam. On this page you see purple toggle switch which is placed at second from left and under join now button as the below screen.

How to set up background Image

Once you toggle the switch you will see the setting page pop up at the right hand. It will give few option images to set up or standard blurred as background. There is a total of 24 background images are available to setup.

How to set up background Image

During the Call

Also, you have the option to change or set up your background during the call. In order to do this, you need to move your mouse pointer over the teems window and with that action, you will see more options button. Click on More options button and select show background effects. Then you will see a list appear on the right-hand side of the screen.  Once you select the option that you would like to set up click preview button if you want to check the preview before it goes live. If you satisfy you can click apply.

How to set up background Image

Please note while you are previewing your set up others who are on the call are not able to see your video.

Custom images are not ready yet.

Currently, Teams offer only background images that are listed by Microsoft. But the custom image will be introduced very soon.


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