Google rolled out noise cancellation feature in Google Meet

Video conferencing is a more and more effective tool for many scenarios with the pandemic situation. Many of use video conference method for business, educational and personal purposes than before. Background noise can make very distract at the live meeting. Many of the video conferences provide has tackled this problem to enhance meeting experience for users as uses are connecting to the meetings from many environments.   Recently Google has solved this issue by roll outing noise cancellation feature to Google Meet for G Suit Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education and G Suite Enterprise Essentials accounts. As for now, the option is currently available only for web-only meetings. It will be available for the mobile app soon. Google Meet uses Artificial Intelligent for Notice cancellation feature and it the feature removes non-stationary noises such as typing, door opening and closing and other background noises. The feature mostly filters out noises that do not sound

Windows 10X may delay to release

Windows 10X, Surface Neo, Duo What is Windows 10X Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10. Microsoft specially design windows 10X dual-screen devices such as Surface Neo and Surface Duo which will release in the future. Windows 10X is not an entirely new operating system and it does not contain entirely new apps or features. Microsoft introduced a new method which called a container and also the new operating system is a read-only operating system. The core Windows Operating system will be separated from the applications that run on the system.  Windows 10X seems to be based on  Windows Core OS. Windows 10X will run traditional 32bit desktop apps, but it will run them in the container.   All classic 32-bit desktop applications will run in a single combined container. This meant all apps remain isolated from the core Windows operating system. This method will help avoid making causes of crashes or security issues on the core operating system. Developers no need to m

Prepare end Client/Points for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online - Part 3

<-- Planning Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online in a Hybrid Environment - Part 1 <-- Prepare Hybrid environment for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online - Part 2 When planning the hybrid solution for Skype for business or Lync with Skype for Business Online or Teams, it is important to consider how end client or endpoints such as phones, conferencing phones and meeting room video system compatible with the solution. Skype for Business client Even though the on-prem system is Lync 2013 many of the users use Skype for Business client. It would be a very rare situation that finds any use uses Lync client. Therefore, I mainly discuss here SfB client. There are some differences when running SfB clients on on-premise servers’ vs SfB hybrid and SfB Online services. The below considerations must be made when planning to either deploy hybrid or cloud-only SfB users. Considerable planning must be made, and communication must be clear to ensure stakeholders

Prepare Hybrid environment for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online - Part 2

<-- Planning Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business online in a Hybrid Environment - Part 1 My previous post I have discussed the Planning phase for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Online in a Hybrid environment. Please click here to access into it. I am discussing Key preparation steps to implement a hybrid environment on this post. Update On-Prem system After validating cumulative update level of Skype for Business or Lync 2013 system, update the system into the latest cumulative updates. This is the best practice method before implement hybrid environment. Implement Office 365 Firewall URLs As Microsoft continues to dynamically update the Office 365 services URL, & IP addresses, to ensure optimal communication between the on-prem environment and Office 365 services, you must review existing Offic365 URLs and IP whitelist to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest version. You can find the latest version of list by searching Office 365 URLs and IPs.