Google Cloud launches new region in Melbourne

Google cloud has launched a new region in Melbourne, and all set to become online next year. This would be the second region in Australia. Sydney was the first and it was launched in July 2017.

Apart of Melbourne, Google launched new regions in
  • Toronto, Canada
  •  Doha, Qatar
  •  Delhi, India

With the new regions Google claims a total of 26 Google Cloud platforms for this year.

New Melbourne region will contain three zones which provide lower latency to business and enable disaster recovery for mission-critical application in the country. The infrastructure also offers for heavily regulated industries such as financial service, healthcare and government agencies that require the kept data locally. Google has designed the infrastructure to cater to millions of users.

ANZ Bank, Australian Post, Macquarie Bank, Optus, and Woolworths are few major customs of Google in Australia. ANZ and NAB already work with Google cloud and expect Melbourne region would support to improve their governance and security controls, availability, resilience, durability and Service management of the companies.

Previous studies show that could demand in Australia would increase over the coming years. Google is planning to play heavy involvement by facilitating the demand for cloud requirement growth.


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