12 million users enable to user Microsoft Teams in the past week

12 million new users enable on Microsoft Teams in the past week as people are enforced to work from home.

MS teams hits 44 million daily users and that shows 37% the spike in one week including home workers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made struggle the daily life of people all over the world and forced millions of people to isolate themselves at home instead of attending to offices or schools. Many of them intend to work from home while they quarantine. Microsoft Teams chatting, conferencing, and collaboration app helps those people to continue performed their work being at home.

Microsoft team is free to use. Therefore, it reaches 44 million people who use it each day. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused to make high demand of usage, particular jump high numbers in Europe.

Microsoft said that 12 million new users started to use its services on a daily basis since 11th March. Many companies implemented chat apps such as MS Teams, Facebook chat, and Google chat to keep staff communications. Microsoft increased the capacity for Teams by 600% since the strategy stated.

Microsoft Teams is not a just chatting app. It is beyond that and includes virtual meetings, calls, and other collaboration features. This technology is amazing, and it is doing really well in such a catastrophic situation. Microsoft keeps working to develop the Teams and deliver better and better features and options to customers.

Microsoft is offering a six-month free trial to premiums version of Teams since this month.


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