Microsoft Teams outage for two hours

Yesterday morning Microsoft Teams went down for two hours. That was impacted users who logged in remotely and online. Many European countries follow the self-isolating procedures and ask workers to work from home instead of traveling to their offices.

This is not the first time for this year so far. MS teams went down last month for several hours due to an expired TLS certificate. Microsoft forgot to renew the certificate. This time it happened about 8.30am UTC and it seems all UK users logged in to Teams remotely. Many works in Europ are establishing work from home due to the Coronavirus. This outage occurred while unpredicted European users logging in to work remotely.  it was suspected that Microsoft was not able to cater to the load at the time.

Microsoft 365 administration could not view much information on Admin Centre portal. Still unclear what was the issue what were the steps that took to mitigate the issue. Everyone expecting Microsoft will provide a proper statement regarding the outage.

In future Microsoft has to make sure that they can provide the services for increased demands workload.  There is a chance that this outage is caused by increased demand for the services.


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