Long waiting Expands on MS Teams video Calls..

Microsoft Teams has announced that it will introduce another expansion of its gallery view for video calls. This was a long waiting feature, and everyone was querying about it. Here it’s go….

Microsoft will expand its gallery view up to 49. Initially, Microsoft Teams supported only four windows of the gallery. Then it expanded up to nine by using 3 x 3 in a window in May this year. New feature included in the road map of MS Teams program. Dates are not confirmed yet. But we expecting feature will roll out very soon in order compete with other video conferencing platforms. 

Microsoft under pressure to get this feature out soon. Zoom and Facebook room are facilitating a greater number of simultaneous views of the participants in a single window. Everyone was surprised why it was not been introduced into Microsoft Teams yet. Microsoft Teams is one of the world large video conferencing tools that is used in many businesses as the official platform.  

Many users complain, that nine views are simply not enough. Mainly teaches and instructors raise this as a concern and requirement came crucial at the pandemic situation. Microsoft brought in to the table to increase the number of percipients view in a single window.  

Microsoft Teams already introduced new raise hand option. If any participant to speak up during the meeting, now participant can use raise hand option to request the opportunity to speak at the meeting. This feature is especially very important when we having a large number of attendees. MS Teams able to prioritizes list by identifying who raise their hand first. 

Meeting participants get the option to raise their hand in the meeting controls. 

Expands on MS Teams video Calls

Once any participant raises the hand, meeting presenter will receive a notification that a participant wants to speak and also everyone else in the meeting will see the action. The participants can low their hand once gets the opportunity. 

Expands on MS Teams video Calls

By selecting Show participants to see a list of participants who attend the meeting. Any participant raised their had will have raised hand icon next to their name. When multiple attendees raise their hands, they will be listed in the order of raised hands

Expands on MS Teams video Calls


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