What is BotNet

 What is BotNet?


BotNet is a collection of interconnected devices that attacker can compromise. Commonly botNet uses distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. And uses malicious programs mainly consist of viruses, Trojans and worms. Botnet also takes advantage of collective computer power to send large volume of spams, steel credential scales, spy on people or organisations. BotNet also is known as Zombie network and network of bots. BotNet uses malicious programmes without any knowledge of users. Most of the attackers try to reach home internet PCs which are with inadequate security protection. The infected devices are called as bots or zombies.

When a device becomes part of a BotNet, it can be instructed to do almost anything by the creator of botnet. In effect of botnet it becomes a drone which cannot resist the commands of its master. Botnet devices affected by malware and managing by command and control server. In this case, the master is the creator of the malicious software (malware). Most Bots are employed in the spread of spam and viruses. Mostly that malware is used for key-press logging which can result in mass identity theft. Zombie computers can also be used for denial of service attacks (DDoS) in which many bots simultaneously log onto an affected server, that will cause to exceed the server's bandwidth and crashing it. This method is particularly effective when the botnet is large and contains thousands of computers. Many advanced malwares can be used emails to spared themselves. But the malware of smaller botnets is having lack of capability spared through the emails.

BotNets attacked can be devastating. In 2016 the Mirai botnets caused to shut down a large portion of internet in the world including CNN, Twitter, Netflix and other major sites. And effected by major Russian banks and the entire country of Liberia. BotNets are programmed in such a way that they are hard to find and analyse. Normally they receive instructions from their creators through IRC (Internet Relay Channels). 

Why we can’t stop botnets?

It is Challenge of shutting botnet down include wide spared availability and ongoing purchases of non-security devices. Imagine how many new devices are adding to the internet per day. Are they covered with enough security? How hard to lock in infected devices out of the internet. Simply most of us look in features, brand and installation steps before purchase device and more over the price. Security is very rarer concern that checks before the purchase.

How to prevent Botnet Attacks?

The main recommendation is updates – Botnet uses unpatched vulnerabilities to the spared machine to machine so that they can cause maximum damage in a business.  The first-line defence is should all device keep up to the Dates.

Lockdown Access – Enterprise should avoid users to have simple access. Should implement the recommended method for accessing such as,
Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk-Based Authentication for accessing


Least Privilege and Best Practices to control the access

Use the help of third-party experts to identify the risk and bring security improves by implementing correct tools and methods.

Deepen your Defences – Always use differentiates on the enterprise network and user multiple defence systems. Isolate IoT devices of part of the network is a point to consider.



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